Monday, July 13, 2009

Los Andes Feast!

Los Andes Feast!
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Upper Left: Ceviche Mixto

Finally, real ceviche in Providence at this mecca or South American food!
This is not the sweet 'pseudo-ceviche' that the imposters try to pass off as the real thing - this is the real thing.

Containing mussels, tiny clams, squid rings and tentacles, and topped with onions, a solitary shrimp, and fried hominy kernels (think of a softer version of Corn Nuts!), this is always a winner. This version had chunks of what seemed like swordfish as well.

Upper Right: Anticuchos de Corazon

Skewered beef hearts over potatoes in a creamy green sauce. Yum!

I'd had chicken hearts before and remain a huge fan. These are similar in texture but with a bit more substance and bite. They possess a wonderful chewiness yet they are not tough or gamey by any means - very clean and tender. Delicious!

Lower Left: Sirloin Cap Special

Special last Sunday at Los Andes, with some kind of mustard was quite acidic (which I love) and we could taste the mustard even though we couldn't see it!

This was so tender and richly delicious!

Lower Right: Picante Mixto

Chicken and beef tongue with pureed aji rojo, onions, and peppers.

Oh my god, was this good! The tongue, which I'd not before tasted, was oh so much more tender than I'd ever imagined it could be. The chicken was falling off the bone tender, and the sauce - perfectly balanced with peppery goodness. I will get this again. Best part? It's only around $10!

I'm almost hesitant to post this as it's one of those situations where you wonder what the impact of 'letting the word out' will be, and try to balance that with helping bring in more business and new customers who may have not had the pleasure of Peruvian/ South American food!

The place seems to have a steady stream of regulars. We have been twice, each time on an early afternoon weekend day. The place was full of families and very welcoming and relaxed. I think we were the only white people there - everyone else was speaking Spanish. I loved that about the place - adds to the authenticity.

Los Andes is BYOB; they will be getting a liquor license July 20th but you'll still be welcome to bring your own bottle, we were told.

Los Andes
903 Chalkstone Avenue
Providence, RI 02908
(401) 649-4911

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear James Woods...

...I think you're great.

I have always been a fan of the intensity you bring to each character you play. I am proud that you are a native Rhode Islander, as I am also from Warwick, where you originated.

I recently re-watched Any Given Sunday, and was blown away by your performance.

I loved Shark - what happened to that show? It was becoming a staple in my television lineup. You were amazing in it!

It seems that I see you at Rhode Island Hospital just about every summer these past several years. This began in 2006, when I had broken my leg and was waiting with you in the x-ray department one day in July. You were very cordial to those who approached you with their admiration, shaking hands, saying thank you. I was struck by your down to earth nature.
I didn't approach you, as I kind of have a policy about that. I wouldn't want to be bothered, so why inflict myself on others?

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there. I'm a big fan.

I'm very sorry about your brother. Though it's no longer breaking news, having lost my own mom 12 years ago I know it takes a long time to work through something like this.

I do hope you were able to locate your mom's nurse, and that your family and you are doing well. Hope to see you on tv or the silver screen sometime very soon.

It'd be a dream to be able to be there with you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Livin' in a Tent, Down by the River!!!

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According to yesterday's Projo there are 34 tents with 60 residents living in 'Tent City', located underneath a closed section of 195 that is set to be knocked down.
This is state owned land, an active construction site. It's the jurisdiction of neither the City of Providence nor the police, but the DOT.

These people are performing all the routine daily rituals involved in being a living organism (as my grandfather would say, "eating, drinking, pissing, and shitting", not to mention bathing and washing clothing) right there along our river, likely in the river itself.

Can you imagine the long term public health risks posed by this situation? It's the stuff that plagues are made of.

So what is the State of Rhode Island (and Providence Plantations, for now) doing about it?

Um...nothing. Sounds about right.