Friday, March 18, 2011

It's a Luxury on Toasted Bread

Peanut butter and grape jam, that is.
It's what's for lunch. On toast.

Stuff That Works For Me - Fisher Price Rock 'n' Play Sleeper

Fisher Price Newborn Rock 'n' Play Sleeper
Not sure how this product flew into my airspace. Could have been a random pregnant Google search, of which there were many.
Anyway, this sleeper has been one of the best things for us. Sam has slept in it every single night since he came home from the hospital at 2 days old. The weight limit is 25 lbs, which he will likely hit sometime before his first birthday, as he's already 17.5 lbs or so. I wish they made them bigger.

The great things about this product:

1) Cozy little bed positioned at a slight incline. This helps with reflux, which believe it or not, is an issue for a fair number of babies. Plus, Sam was just plain comfortable in it, as it hugs the little baby body a bit.

2) Inexpensive (we bought one for $49.99 or so on Amazon).

3) Very easy to fold and take on the road. We've traveled to Texas and Florida and used it in hotel rooms.

4) Super easy to assemble; easy to take apart and stuff in a suitcase too.

We didn't know what to expect with the whole sleep situation, which is a plight common to many new parents I'm sure. We were open about it, but from what I'd read it seemed important to swaddle the baby, and to have him in our bedroom, at least at first, as in the beginning babies wake every few hours to eat and well, it just seemed practical. Also, we had no clue what the fuck we were doing, so leaving the baby down the hall in a separate room did not even enter the realm of possibility. This sleeper is small and light enough to fit beside our bed.

An added bonus is that I can take it into the bathroom if I need to shower while home alone with Sam. (As he's become stronger he has to be strapped in though, lest he flail his way to the tile floor. Another bonus, this thing has a 3 point restraint strap.)

I'm sure this is very boring to those of you without kids, and perhaps barely readable to those of you who have or are expecting or planning or considering having any. 

In any case, I'm currently being drooled upon and pinched in places I've never been pinched before, so as all good things, this blurb is coming to an end.